Show & Tell Gallery

A Love Letter For You

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Show & Tell Gallery artist Steve Powers has had a busy summer. The legendary graffiti turned fine artist has been curating a massive mural project in his home town of Philadelphia. The ambitious project titled "A Love Letter For You" consists of over 30 (and counting) murals along the city's roof tops. You can check out the official project site here.

The following excerpt is from a recent article in the New York Times

Mr. Powers said the idea was to create a single, serial urban work whose hopeful messages might resonate with a kind of universality in a neighborhood in need of hopeful messages. And as a fringe benefit, he said the murals might even help in a more practical way.

“Hopefully, there will be a few sly guys out there who say to their girl: ‘Hey, Baby, I wrote that up there for you.’ ”